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    Mbed Care is the pioneer in providing fully automatic 3-way electrical bed for hire in Kerala. Our full range of products available for rental is given here . 

    Rental prices for 3 Way Homecare Electric Bed With Medical Mattresses starts at ₹ 260 / day

    Our terms of service are transparent. We take complete care of the medical equipment on rental and ensure its hygiene and maintenance before it is sent out to the client. You can approach us for hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, shower benches,

    Apart from providing hospital bed rental service in Kerala, we also offer proper maintenance and sanitation of these equipment.

    The need for fully-automatic electric beds and mobility equipment in small clinics hospitals can be unpredictable. In case of emergencies or when they are fully occupied, if a need comes, clinics, hospitals and hospices can approach us for top-notch imported electric beds, wheelchairs and accessories. We have ample stock of well-maintained and sanitized medical equipment required for various ailments. We also provide on-site delivery (charges extra) of the medical gears. You can book them through our website or call us up for an appointment. We are expanding our network of warehouses throughout Kerala so that we can reach you quicker. Rest assured of the quality and hygiene because we go an extra mile to ensure you recoup from your ailment safely.

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